August 11, 2016

About B.Ed.

Two year (Four semesters) B Ed Degree Course (RIMSE Scheme) UNDER Choice Based Credit System

And Continuous Assessment Grading Pattern

With effect from 2015-16 onwards

The Bachelor of Education Course, generally known as B Ed., is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level

(Classes VI – VIII), Secondary Level (Classes IX and X) and Senior Secondary Level (Classes XI and XII.)



The Bachelor of Education degree course (RIMSE Scheme – under CBCS  and CAGP) is primarily designed to prepare efficient and committed secondary and senior secondary teachers with special training in Moral and Spiritual Education.  The Course aims at helping aspiring student teachers to develop competencies and values in the context of changing educational needs and understand effectively his role as a teacher. The whole scheme is geared to realize the following objectives.

  • To understand and analyze the essential principles and values of education.
  • To understand the system and practices of education in our country.
  • To understand the nature and development of secondary school students.
  • To develop value sensitivity among teacher trainees.
  • To train teacher trainees in planning, executing and evaluating teaching –learning process.
  • To develop a spirit of patriotism, experimentation and scientific temper.
  • To create an awareness on importance of teacher in education reconstructions and reforms.
  • To develop adequate competencies in school subjects.
  • To build human capital by learning across disciplines.
  • To provide constructive approach in terms of pedagogies.
  • To ensure high quality in teaching and learning process.
  • To ensure transparency in evaluation.
  • To make teacher trainees as knowledge practitioners.
  • To make things happen by encouraging students endowed with talents to acquire skills.
  • To reinforce assimilation and creative utilization of information while solving problems in day to day life.
  • To reduce the stress of students at the term end examination.
  • To attain a sound knowledge base and proficiency in language.
  • To identify their own personal expectations, perceptions of self, capacities and inclinations.
  • To address the learning needs of all children, including those who are marginalized and disabled.

Two Year (Four Semesters) Bachelor of Education Course (RIMSE Scheme), under Choice Based Credit Scheme and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern(CBCS and CAGP) leading to B Ed Degree of University of Mysore(UOM). RIMSE  stands for Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education affiliated to University of Mysore and recognized by NCTE.  These shall come into effect from the academic year 2015 – 16 onwards.